Up to $5 Million

REFG Specializes in arranging long term financing through the SBA loan guaranty program. We have assisted hundreds of businesses using this program.

Use of Funds

• Purchase owner occupied commercial real estate, industrial, retail or special purpose real estate
• Construct or renovate business real estate
• Business acquisition
• Franchise startup and acquisition
• Equipment acquisition
• Equipment lease payoff
• Debt refinance and consolidation
• Permanent working capital

SBA Program Financing Highlights

• All loans are fully amortized (no balloon payments)
• Real estate – as low as 10% down, up to 25 year repayment term
• Business acquisition – as low as 15% down, up to 10 year repayment term
• Equipment acquisition or refinance – up to 10 years year repayment term
• Permanent working capital – up to 7 year repayment term
• Real estate refinance – up to 25 year repayment term
• Loans are assumable
• Competitive interest rates, usually prime rate based